Friday, 13 February 2015

I'm only human

Day 10

Friday 6th February

Firstly I will continue on with Part 2 of yesterday’s post it will be up this evening (if you follow by email-top right hand corner of this page you will get a notification via email each time a new post is posted so you will be up to date and able to follow this journey as it happens).

Also this should really be my Day 8 post (Wednesday)  the Virgo in me likes for everything to be in order but I had such an urge to write this so I’m going with it!!

Yesterday afternoon was fantastic lots of  good things happened that proved yet again over and over all I believe, spent last night writing, went to bed later than intended and really sleepy didn’t manage to get even a few pages into the bag of books beside me.  My inspirational collection is growing as I get new recommendations each day. Definitely dropped off midway through my visualisation.

Woke up happy with the excited butterflies that have started to be a consistent part of my mornings now. An encounter on the stairs with a rather large spider who nearly fell onto Jessica’s head had me Jess and Leon in fits of giggles in the kitchen.

They went off to school, I turned on the phone and laptop. Checking messages & emails I just started to feel low. No reason. Well if I’m honest which I have promised to be maybe I felt a little lonely. After a week of being so busy with runclub registration my inbox seemed a little empty. It’s easy to get a bit detached from the here and now when you are using social media, to gauge a day’s success on likes on a post or retweets. Now that I am blogging each day it would be easy to spend all my time plugged in.

Rule #10 Do my best to follow the rules for the next 6 months, not pressure myself to be perfect & blog honestly every day about the experience.

I am only human and today was the first day that I felt a little bit like going back to bed, not thinking about the rules and maybe in the 182 days of this experience I will follow through on that. Today though made myself a coffee, took a breath and looked out at the blue sky. Put on my music felt a bit better. I had an email from George Anderson and it got me thinking about last year when I first asked him if I could use his plan for a group runclub and thinking about how lucky and grateful I felt about that and all it had lead to. I was back on form.

”Different things will work on different days and I need to remember that it’s not about perfection just me making the choice to be happy now to feel good now.  Today I am choosing to have an amazing day.

Some days the blog might not read as well as others, some days I might forget to spellcheck, tweet or put up a picture on instagram. This is real because I am only human.

Just before I sat down to write this I received this message from someone who had read the blog.

We don’t need to be perfect, just perfectly imperfect and when you speak for the heart and from your truth that’s enough”




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