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Day 7- The Law of Attraction

Day 7

Tuesday 10th February

I had heard people talk about the Law of Attraction before, seen posts on Facebook with the #LOA but didn’t know what it meant until I read the Secret and it was definitly the beginning of this journey for me. A brief explanation of it would be that “like attracts like” what you think you get. Yesterday I wrote about how feeling good brings good things and once mastered the things that can happen are pretty phenomenal.

Each of us is attracting every moment of our lives. So when you feel that the law isn’t working for you because you don’t have what you want, realize that the law is responding to you. You are either attracting what you want or you are attracting the absence of what you want.

The Law is still working.”

Everybody has different ideas about this. A lot of people will say don’t be ridiculous when you are broke how can imagining you are wealthy bring abundance into your life. My goal is not to spend 6 months persuading or trying to change anyone’s opinion but to share my experience of it as I go along. Likewise I’m not saying that the Secret is some kind of magical book, read it and all will be well. It will give you the tools but you have to do the work. Watching an exercise video won’t make you fit you have to break into a sweat.

 I had intended for today’s blog to be about something completely different but last night I switched the phone off and the fairy lights on around my vision board. Read my gratitude and love lists an sitting up in bed staring at the board I was focusing on all the good things I want in my life and in the lives of everyone that I know, it got me thinking about the LOA. Next thing I had to run downstairs get my little notepad out and scribble down all I wanted to write today.

One of my first experiences of LOA in action was when I visualised the seats being filled at the talk  and when I felt how it worked I started to use it more and more.

I became even more focused on the future on how I wanted to motivate people, spread this amazing way of living, living the life you deserve with as many people as possible. Planning began for a website, lot’s was going on and one week before the competition a contract was signed for the work that would be done. At this stage I was barely eating and working really hard. Too hard.

What I have learnt now is that even though I might be ever so busy when I’m on the right path it feels effortless and everything works out so smoothly. A sign I'm on the wrong one is when it just doesn't feel quite right or I am overthinking every decision.

Another thing about creating through the Law of Attraction is trust and patience all you have to do is think about the end goal, believe it will happen and don’t get too caught up in all the how’s and whys. Mine was, still is to spread the message of how mindfulness, gratitude and love can change your life.

The plan then was through a motivational website that anyone could access.

Then a week after the competition my financial backing for the site fell through.
 A sign.

Did I listen? No.

 I kept on pushing. Worrying about how I would get the money kept me awake at night, anxiety began to increase. I felt like such a failure that I was letting everyone down. The amazing web designer, the owners of the college I attended who had given up their time to give me business advice. People that believed in me. I had told them all the fantastic things I was planning on and I felt a fraud.

On the 4th August I had stood in front of 150 people with no nerves, now between work a crazy eating pattern and low self-esteem. I was a wreck physically and mentally. Broken. I wished each day that there was a magic spell I could put over everyone to forget I ever existed and I could fade away.


Visiting my Aunt in November in a desperate attempt to clear my head she persuaded me to take some of the enormous pressure off of myself and put work & website plans on hold. For a perfectionist who isn’t great at showing weakness or asking for help sending those emails was one of the hardest things I ever had to do

Such a relief when they said no stress no pressure. Something else for my gratitude list. I began to open up to family and a few close friends their reactions were all the same. I wasn’t so kind to myself and felt extreme disappointment and shame that I wasn’t living up to the high standards I had set. Slowly I began to accept that maybe my dreams were over, a fantasy from the past and that this was life from now on.

One evening after Christmas I decided that I couldn’t face going back to work(though even at my lowest I  had got myself out to runclub sessions- those groups always tell me what a difference runclub made to their lives but the impact on mine has been monumental - that’s another story).

A friend said that if I wasn’t going to carry on working I needed to tell people as soon as possible “they are relying on you as part of their new year’s resolutions Hannah”

One morning not long after I got up and my credit card bill had arrived, it was like as if a switch went off in my head. Realistically I had bills to pay and not working would only add to my anxiety. I love working. I love people. Staying inside every day was not going to help me. So I started to put a plan in place, I would ease back into work do one Beginners Runclub a week, one class and start up the Progress group that runners had been asking for. I would forget about my plans of motivational speaking for a while maybe forever and work on my mental & physical health.

I’ve always been a high achiever and started to think that maybe I should try and be content with what I have. What I’d already achieved rather than always striving for more. Starting to listen to what people said about how I’d already motivated and inspired them through the runclubs and I began to feel proud of myself. Rule# Be kind to myself.

I got to thinking about The Secret, the LOA and how I knew there were things I could do that made me feel good and the seed of the 10 rules was planted in my mind.

On the Sunday the first session of the progress group. As we ran back towards the club I was overcome with feelings of pride and pure happiness.

I felt so content perhaps for the first time in my life and I thought to myself “I think there is more to come in my life I know I want to talk in front of hundreds of people one day but, if I can’t, if this is everything being here in Mullingar with my family and getting to spend my days with all these fantastic people who inspire me every day with their dedication and hard work it is enough”

The seed grew and I thought maybe I would document my 6 month experience of following these 10 rules in a blog.


Then 3 days later the Law of Attraction made itself known and something totally unexpected and absolutely amazing happened.

To be continued………………………..(a daughter needs collecting from hip hop!)


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Albert Einstein





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