Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 19. 163 left. That's a lot of tomorrows.

Day 19

Sunday 22nd February

It’s 09.30 I woke to the wind howling and the rain really pouring down.Gratitude for my duvet, pillow, and warm bed.  Definitely. The progress running group usually starts right now but implementing rule #8 here Be Kind to others (and myself!) decided on a cheeky day off for all involved.

I’ve replaced my daily coffee with a honey and lemon as my throat felt a bit sore but instead of thinking “Oh what if this is the beginning of the flu?”  and just thinking about how I want to feel it is easing already.
As part of my Rule #10 not pressuring myself to be perfect Sunday's blog will I think most often be whatever comes to mind and may seem a little here there and everywhere in structure!

12pm every Sunday the phone is going off for the day. I will unplug myself from FB, Instagram and twitter to spend time relaxing and today’s project putting together a Walt Disney Gingerbread House a purchase made from reduced Christmas stock this week.

Winding down has never been my strong point and it is really easy to get hung up on getting this out there but I know that I need to just be. Be honest. Be happy. Be in the moment and let the universe take care of the rest.
 Already really enjoying getting to bed a bit earlier and reading again. Waking most mornings so excited to get up that early nights work best for me as I don’t want to lie on.

This is amazing in itself at the end of December I was struggling to get out of bed just wanting to sleep the days away and not able to see an end to the way I was feeling.

Now, everything is so clear. I am grateful for everything in the past, very excited about all that is to come but most importantly happy now.

A friend sent a text yesterday saying she had dreamt of me and in the dream I was so happy, deep down, that in the dream I exuded happiness. It gave me goose bumps as that is exactly how I am feeling. I told her how I experience a physical reaction when I focus on love, fingers and toes tingling. She is a reiki practitioner and that is how she described her feeling when she heals people with reiki. I am, she thinks healing myself. It does feel like that.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not floating about disjointed from reality, things happen each day that could annoy me, sometimes do annoy me but I’m turning it around. Having the rules to follow has just made more aware of the power I ,and all of us have.
Feeling free of my eating disorder has been a huge thing for me beyond my wildest dreams to feel like this only 19 days in.

There are still lots of things that will be a first for me, picking up a bar of chocolate just because I fancy it, not putting foods on a menu in order of their calorie content before deciding what to order but I feel different. These are things that are habits, trained behaviours but not something I’m doing now as a way of punishing myself. It’s exciting to know that these new experiences are ahead.

One dream of mine has always been to go to America with Christian and for us to eat in all the amazing diners I see, one restaurant in particular I remember seeing was a soul food restaurant “Sweetie Pies” but I thought last year how I would never be able to do that because of my Eating Disorder.

Now I visualise that trip, I can hear the sounds of the airport, feel the plane taking off, stepping onto the tarmac with the heat on my face. That is just a tiny part of my night time visualisation. Rule #1

I feel so free. This week I bought a hat. I love hats but never wore them. My curly hair seems to be getting thicker and crazier since I started this but I love it. I ate banoffie pie. My absolute favourite dessert that I hadn’t tasted in years. Delicious. Loving the gym. Because I love it and want my body to be healthy. Not because I want to punish it or burn calories.

My Gratitude and love lists are nearly full, I could write smaller but I am going to buy more paper instead, house will be covered by August.

The Law of Attraction is showing itself in action daily, only yesterday the second I posted the blog about the car I got a text from the owners saying thanks for my honesty.

163 days left. That’s a lot of tomorrows.


“Whether you know it or not, today you are placing an order for your tomorrows from the catalogue of the Universe. Your predominant thoughts and feelings today are creating a frequency that is automatically determining your life tomorrow.

Feel good now and for the rest of the day, and make your tomorrows magnificent.”
The Secret Daily teachings Rhonda Byrne