Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Day 15 Rule #7 Love

Rule #7 Love

Wednesday 18th February


This rule came about because it was one of the first things I started doing along with my gratitude list last year when I first read the Secret and I noticed that I would experience an immediate lift in my mood when I did it.

I like a list but it doesn’t have to be a list, you could surround yourself with pictures of things you love or simply think of them. For me the physical act of writing them down is enjoyable and I love to look back at the list.

Ultimately if I think about things I love it makes me feel good. If a situation is threatening to bring negativity into my thoughts and feelings I will now try and stop, think about what I love just looking at the list can be enough but sometimes I need to focus more. It can take a while but I’ve noticed only 15 days into the 182 that every now and then within seconds I am filled with it. Starting at my toes I can feel love rushing up my body –sounds a bit over the top?- I don’t mind given the choice of feeling negative and stressed or filled with love I know which one I want to choose.

One thing for sure is that no matter what has gone on in your life before or what is coming the only thing you have for certain is this very moment. Now. Right now.

I didn’t come up with that on my own I have read it many times said by many people and it’s something that since the 4th Feb and starting this new journey I have thought about it a lot.

So all you know is that you have this moment and a choice.

To live in a country where we have a choice, is a gift as it is and something for the gratitude list.

Mornings in our house go like this, I get up (write on my lists first thing- two A1 sheets on my bedroom wall) give the kids breakfast, they eat in front of the TV, Christian then gets up brings them to school and I start my working day checking emails and if I haven’t had an urge to leap out of bed at 4am, write my blog.

This morning was as usual except I had told the kids I would make them pancakes for breakfast. Now my inner perfectionist and I have been known to cry over pancakes that stuck to the pan before. Having made life already easier by purchasing a mix in a bottle that I could simply add milk to, I set about it. Jess had taken her regular place on the couch with the remote control, Leon was telling me how Sophie his teacher had made pancakes yesterday properly with a bowl, flour and eggs.

With the first lumpy pancake came my choice. Do I get annoyed that it’s not perfect, panicked at the clock ticking by decide it was a stupid idea, yell at Christian to get up and reach for the Weetabix?

Not today.

I chose love. I decided that if we were a few minutes late for school it didn’t matter. Put on a favourite song of mine and Jess right now “Chandelier” Sia …. Like the words as well as the music “I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist…”

The minute the music was playing Jess was up off the couch and dancing, Leon too.

So we turned off the TV and stood around the kitchen taking turns to eat pancakes, both unsuccessful flips and successful flips made us laugh though bizarrely the double flip of Leon’s pancake caused him to storm off having apparently not wanted it flipped. Just in case you thought my children are saccharin sweet and always well behaved! It seemed almost like a scene from a film.

Our lives are a movie and we are the directors of every single second in it.

“It’s not what happens to us but how we react to it that matters”

Epictetus Greek Philospher(c.AD55-c. 135)

The pancakes were from a mix and not apparently quite as good as Sophie’s, my cooker is old, my hair will not behave today no matter how much product I put in, credit card bill arrived and my kitchen could definitely do with a visit from Mr Muscle, none of that matters because this morning it was filled to the brim with love and only good can come of that.

I left Christian sleeping and drove the kids to school, we talked about how good feeling good feels. The white A6 drove by always a sign to me that I’m on the right frequency I now also wave at them! I felt love for the life I was living right at that moment where my biggest problem was that the sun was shining so brightly in the blue sky that it was hard to see.

15 days in and I am already experiencing changes well beyond what I expected in such a short space of time. I am not perfect and don’t expect to be, this afternoon in an incident with Jess I had to work really hard on focusing on the positive and not letting fear and doubt take over my emotions. A story for another day maybe. Every day the universe will send things our way that test our resolve and strength to stay on the path we want to be on. But which path we take is our choice.



Since the 4th Feb I have loved and still am loving.

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