Saturday, 7 February 2015

Day 1 of The Experiment

Day 1

Wednesday February 4th 2015

Turns out today was the perfect day to begin this 6 month experiment because it didn’t start off smoothly and could have turned into one of those got out of the wrong side of bed days. I’d been up late the night before and had a restless sleep. A busy registration for Runclub and also knowing my experiment was starting had left me full of nervous energy and excitement.

Now when I’m tired the critical voice of self-doubt gets really vocal inside my head so it was an immediate test for me to turn it around. Kids were fighting about which end of the couch they would sit on, the cat mewing loudly to have her litter tray emptied plus a to do list as long as could be with such delights on it as…

Pay credit union arrears, tax and back tax car (a fact I was reminded of by the parking ticket I received on Monday-the same Monday I reversed into another car in the car park but we’ll save that for another day) & my phone bill. I won’t lie when I say that faced with a blank sheet for my gratitude list (Rule #2) my head was so busy that I put it aside for later.

So I got a cup of coffee oh how I will forever be grateful for coffee, blasted Sigma feat Paloma Faith changing on my stereo, my mood went up a notch. Urge to yell at bickering children passed and instead I handed them porridge and a kiss on the forehead. Rule #4 start the day happy by playing my favourite songs

Off to the gym where I focused hard on seeing the positives in my reflection something I can really struggle with especially when I’m tired, used to zoning in on my “problem” areas instead I felt glad and lucky to be fit and well enough to train.  Even allowed myself a sneaky compliment. Rule #3 Be kind to my reflection

Back home the gratitude & love list came easy. Could have written many more than six. Rule #2 & 7 Add six things to each list every day

Next the bills and there were two options.


I could begrudge paying them, feel bad, stressed and focus on all the things I wouldn’t be able to do with the money now.

Or follow rule #5 Do my best to find the positive in all things

 Well it was only the first day and I wanted to follow these rules. So I started to think about how great it is to have a car and be able to drive, same with my phone I love it the world at my fingertips. I thought nice thoughts about the Traffic warden they were just doing their job a job they most probably need to pay bills same as anyone else and complaining would only make me feel worse.

 Attempted to pay tax online but the web site told me how to go to the Tax office, again a choice do I get stressed out about the inconvenience or take it as an opportunity to incorporate rule #6 Fresh air. Get outside for at least 15 minutes each day

So I rang to find out how much it would be. As expected you could probably book a week in the sun for what I owed if not definitely a decent mini break!
This might sound strange but l actually started to feel excited about paying the bills and how good it would feel.
As I walked along I noticed how blue the sky was, how good it felt to be outside on a cold day but wrapped up warm, made an effort to smile at everyone that passed. Rule #8 Be kind. Take as many opportunities each day to show kindness to others.
 Positive effects definitely being experienced and I was only halfway through day one.
I’m not expecting you all to be like woo hoo in fact I’m sure I hear some people saying “well for you to have enough to pay the bill, it would be different if you were in my situation. I can’t be happy about bills when I have no money.” Right now all I was just so aware of  the power we have ourselves to control how we feel about every situation we are faced with and if we focus on what we don’t have or don’t want nobody benefits.
When I feel good. Good things happen and it has a ripple effect. Proof of this was to come when the cost €60 less than I had been told on the phone. Deciding to then pay my fine also the woman at the counter told me I could appeal it now that the car was taxed. I actually couldn’t stop smiling!
 Home to an email from Aware saying that they were happy that my 10 rules fitted in with their own message and are pleased to be one of my 2 charities. Great news. Rule #9 don’t wait until I have enough to give start now. Donate 10% of my earnings to charity each week.
So if I had been able to tax the car online yes I would have saved some time but I would have missed out on experiencing the kindness shown to me by the woman in the tax office and maybe on my walk in I smiled at someone who needed someone to smile at them today. Who knows?
Really excited about what the next 6 months will bring of course there will be obstacles and “seemingly negative” situations this is my real life not a TV show. But positive things are going to happen every day and amazing things ahead. Rule #1 Spend 5 minutes each night before I sleep visualizing my future and all I want to achieve until it is so clear that it feels as if it has already happened.
I can see it.

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