My Goodbye Social Media Experiment


Well so much for once a week posting - I could blame the festive period, which wouldn't be true or fair. The truth is that I've never liked feeling forced to write and rather wait until the urge hits which is probably the worst way to operate a blog if your goal is to monetise it or gain a huge following but it's not mine so for the moment I'll continue as I am.

Which brings me to the point of this post and the fact that I've decided to take a little bit of time off of social media (funny feeling it might turn out that I write more because of this). Now don't get me wrong I am not a hater of technology, I find on the most part it can be really positive and Facebook and Instagram - said goodbye to twitter a long time ago- have been my public blogs for a long time. But lately I'd found myself scrolling more and more, picking up the phone at every free opportunity and my head was getting fuller and fuller mostly with information that in no way related t…

Why is it so Bloody Hard to be Kind to Ourselves?

So much for posting every Monday...going to go for posting once a week day may change dependent on my mood, what children are doing, time etc. This week I was chomping at the bit to get writing but - with all children being sick to varying degrees and my energy being ridiculously low due to sleepless nights caused by the glamour of non stop itching, thanks pregnancy for another delight - it didn't happen until now and the dishes are staying unwashed until tomorrow so I can. 
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This week included International Kindness Day which got me thinking about why it's so bloody hard to be kind to ourselves. It's a big part of The Joy Project - which I should probably write a bit more about for those of you who are new to my blogs, will I wait till …

A Brief Introduction to The Bundle of Joy Project

 The main reason for starting this blog if I'm totally honest (which it is my intention to be) is for my own sanity, a form of self therapy. Aged 39 and 20 weeks pregnant with baby number four I've come to realise that perhaps a weekly session with a therapist would be a good idea but right now it's an expense I could do without and I'm not quite brave enough, but I love writing and also the idea that maybe if I share my struggles it might make a positive difference to even one overwhelmed, stressed out, trying to hold it all together Mama out there.

Had originally planned to write The Bundle of Joy Project book which would of course be a bestseller and make me millions, but I like writing live and posting without too much editing so that's what I'll do here for the time being. The new plan is to post a blog every Monday so thought I'd give you a brief introduction first.

Firstly I have absolutely no desire for any of what I write to be seen as "advice&q…